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HighNote HCD 7333
Alternative Guitar Summit
Honoring Pat Martino, Volume 1

There are a mere handful of guitarists that have changed the way we think about the guitar over the past five or six decades. Pat Martino is perhaps one of the greatest and best-known of those icons. The term “genius” is overused today, but Pat Martino was definitely one. His life story was the very definition of the word. Before Martino's passing in November of 2021, the Alternative Guitar Summit honored him and his enormous contribution to jazz in this set of studio recordings by 14 jazz guitarists playing selections from his imaginative and varied catalog of compositions. Producer Joel Harrison is thrilled to have brought together this crew of great musicians to show their love for him while HighNote Records is proud to present this first volume of their recordings.

ARTISTS: Dezron Douglas (bass), Allan Mednard (drums) (tracks 1, 4, 5 & 7), Kevin Kozol (keyboard), Alex Austin (bass), Greg Fundis (drums), Richard Christian (tablas) (track 3), Chulo Gatewood (bass), Tobias Ralph (drums) (track 8)

1. Inside Out 6:42 – Adam Rogers & Peter Bernstein
2. Black Glass 4:13 – Kurt Rosenwinkel
3. Line Games 6:35 – Fareed Haque
4. Willow 6:59 – Sheryl Bailey & Ed Cherry
5. Noshufuru 7:19 – Rez Abbasi & Jeff Miles
6. Lament 5:30 – Russell Malone
7. On the Stairs 6:35 – Dave Stryker & Paul Bollenback
8. Joyous Lake 9:22 – Nir Felder & Oz Noy
9. Country Road 5:49 – Joel Harrison

 Inside Out – Adam Rogers & Peter Bernstein

 Willow – Sheryl Bailey & Ed Cherry

 On the Stairs – Dave Stryker & Paul Bollenback

 Country Road – Joel Harrison

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