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Various Artists
The Beatles: A Jazz Tribute

Jazz artists from Louis Armstrong, Coleman Hawkins, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Ahmad Jamal, Miles, even Coltrane all relied on "Tin Pan Alley," Broadway and the then current pop tunes as a basis for much of their most enduring recordings. To hear such respected jazz artists as those listed above re-casting songs written by the Fab Four, is evidence, if any is needed, that as popular composers, Lennon, McCartney and Harrison can probably be considered as leading voices in the "New Pop Standard" repertoire.

LARRY CORYELL: Something • SHEILA JORDAN: Blackbird • VINCENT HERRING: Norwegian Wood • RANDY JOHNSTON: Things We Said Today • JOEL HARRISON: Taxman;  The Art of Dying; Here Comes the Sun • NORMAN SIMMONS: Eleanor Rigby • WESLA WHITFIELD: In My Life • ERIC REED: Yesterday

 Things We Said Today

 Norwegian Wood

 Eleanor Rigby