Denise Donatelli


Savant SCD 2117
Denise Donatelli
Soul Shadows

Los Angeles-based vocalist Denise Donatelli won a Grammy nomination with her second Savant CD, When Lights Are Low (Savant SCD 2109). An East Coast native and a recipient of classical piano training, she turned to singing jazz, wound up relocating to the West Coast and has pursued her performance and recording career ever since. Possessing a voice of exceptional nuance, agility and unerring pitch, Denise is able to imbue whatever she chooses to sing with her special warmth, wit and insight. Reuniting the Grammy-nominated duo of Denise and her Music Director / arranger / accompanist Geoffrey Keezer, Savant Records presents their latest collaboration. Together, with a pride of the best studio men on the West Coast, Denise offers a stunning program of un-hackneyed tunes by Peter Eldridge, Sting, Pomplamoose and others while Geoffrey Keezer provides the interesting arrangements and scoring that have come to be synonymous with a Denise Donatelli recording.

DENISE DONATELLI, vocals • Musical Direction by Geoffrey Keezer

TRACKS: All or Nothing at All • No Better • Another Day • A Promise (Someplace Called Where) • Soul Shadows • Ocean • Postcards and Messages (w/ Peter Eldridge) • When I Looked Again • Ange • Too Late Now

 All or Nothing at All

 Another Day

 Soul Shadows


 Too Late Now

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