Denise Donatelli


Savant SCD 2150
Denise Donatelli
Find a Heart

Denise Donatelli is a mesmerizing jazz vocalist, in command of her expressive instrument while offering her heart and soul with each note. Joined by a company of Los Angeles jazz session players, Donatelli takes the forefront with style and panache, providing illuminating vocals that gently walk the line between energetic jazz-singing and luminous balladry. She accomplishes a warm balance with her singing, offering something for everyone. There is a thread of kind-heartedness and sincerity running throughout the diverse and unique set list, which allows a true sense of artistry to emerge at any tempo or dynamic level. Featuring the arranging talents of Geoffrey Keezer once again and the artistry of Brazilian guiartist Leonardo Amuedo, Jay Leno drummer Marvin "Smitty" Smith and others, Denise Donatelli delivers one elegantly beautiful jazz album.

Musical Direction by Geoffrey Keezer
with assisting artists: Leonardo Amuedo, guitar • Chris Botti, trumpet • Christine Jensen, saxophone • Marvin "Smitty" Smith, drums • and others

TRACKS: Big Noise, New York • Love and Paris Rain • Spaced Out (En Babia) • Practical Arrangement • Find a Heart • Not Like This • Eyes That Say I Love You • In This Moment • Troubled Child • Midnight Sun • Day Dream

TT = 58:03

 Big Noise, New York

 Love and Paris Rain

 Find a Heart

 In This Moment

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