Eric Reed

Savant SCD 2132
Eric Reed
The Adventurous Monk

Jazz pianists today must practice their art in the shadow of the towering figure of Thelonious Monk. If that be the case, then botanists would label pianist Eric Reed a Night Blooming Jazzman — for he not only thrives in that shadow, but he embraces it in this installment of his ongoing exploration of Monk's music. Reed is faced with the daunting task of separating Monk's music from his piano playing, retaining the compositions, and then bringing something new to the party. This new recording — along with Reed's two previous volumes — takes Monk's unique and highly identifiable music and compliments it rather than trying to completely rework it. In the process, Reed has managed to make these works sound fresh and interesting while never resorting to incongruous pianism to resurrect the style of the composer and never compromising his own considerable musical integrity.

ERIC REED, piano • Seamus Blake, tenor saxohone • Ben Williams, bass  • Gregory Hutchinson, drums • Charenee Wade, vocal on "Dear Ruby"

TRACKS: Thelonious • Work • Reflections • Evidence • 'Round Midnight • Nutty • Gallop's Gallop • Pannonica • Dear Ruby (Ruby My Dear) • Ba-Lues Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are


 Gallop's Gallop


 Ba-Lues Bolivar Ba-Lues Are

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