Fedora Records

Tommy Bankhead

Johnnie Bassett

Mojo Buford

Little Buster

Jimmy Dawkins

Big Al Dupree

Fillmore Slim

Al Garrett

Hosea Hargrove

Harmonica Slim

Homesick James

Hosea Leavy

JJ Malone

Pig In a Can

Dave Riley

Iceman Robinson

Matthew Robinson

Bennie Smith

Byther Smith

Jesse Thomas

Robert 'Bilbo' Walker

Ollie Watkins

John Weston

Arthur Williams

Willie Willis

UP Wilson

Fedora Records is proud to be a Keeper of the Blues Grail, recording those remaining artists whose artistic roots reach back to the blues roots and who accepted the passing torch of their musical ancestors.

Fedora has attempted to document the many different blues styles still practiced in various parts of the United States. We have recorded bluesmen from Texas, Chicago and St. Louis. Some releases feature East Coast bluesmen as well. From Chicago comes the Jimi Hendrix-inspired strumming o f Dave Riley and the hard-driving blues of West-Side legend, Jimmy Dawkins. From the West Coast, particularly Fresno (a hotbed of blues activity these days) Fillmore Slim. Slim is also revered as Major Mack who is featured in the Documentary "American Pimp". Real life! Slim's music reflects it.

Sometimes you can capture yesterday today. The latest recording of the legendary Homesick James - The New Orleans Sessions, done 60 years after his recording debut. The 94 years young shouts and plays with unbridled intensity reflective writing and a musical skill thought to be lost to the impossibly distant past.

The real tradition, that which is a direct descendant from the roots, is on Fedora Records. As our slogan says, "when you want to hear some real blues, put on a Fedora."

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