Giacomo Gates


Savant SCD 2146
Giacomo Gates
Everything is Cool

Giacomo Gates approaches jazz singing with a showman's poise and an aficionado's zeal. With his deep, cognac baritone and his vintage-hipster lexicon, his phrasing and his bearing, he upholds a distinctly masculine ideal of deceptively easy nonchalance. Gates is known as the modern day heir to Eddie Jefferson, the godfather of vocalese. Here he uses the style sparingly, but to great advantage. never showboating by using the challenging technique. Backed by his go-to pianist, John di Martino and guitarist Tony Lombardozzi leading the rhythm section and Grant Stewart out in front on saxophone, Giacomo sings and swings his way through a dozen tunes — some familiar favorites, some rarely heard gems. He may be soft and subtle or he may be hip and humorous but one thing Giacomo Gates is not, is predictable.

GIACOMO GATES, vocals • John di Martino, piano • Grant Stewart, saxophone • Tony Lombardozzi, guitar • Ed Howard, bass • Willard Dyson, drums

TRACKS: Everything is Cool • If I Were You, Baby, I'd Love Me • When Lovers, They Lose • Social Call • Hazel's Hips • Almost Blue • Take Five • Who Threw the Glue? • Here Today and Gone Tomorrow • Please Don't Bug Me • All Alone • Well, You Needn't / It's Over Now

 Everything is Cool

 If I Were You, Baby, I'd Love Me

 Please Don't Bug Me

 Well You Needn't / It's Over Now

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