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Fedora FCD 5002
Hosea Leavy
You Gotta Move

If you happen to have a copy of Hosea Leavy's out-of-print 1993 cassette-only release "Greasy Greens", you are a lucky individual indeed. For not only is it a rare and valuable collector's item, but it alerted you to the reappearance of one of the most powerful and elemental of all blues performers. Now, Hosea is back and he brought with him the crew from that laudable release and dishes up some real downhome, gutbucket blues. This is the music of the juke joints and gin mills of Hosea's youth in and around Little Rock, Arkansas. With this new release, Hosea may be termed a Keeper of the Blues Grail, for he preserves and lives a tradition that would otherwise be available only through the medium of re-issue compilations.

Hosea Leavy- guitar/vocals; Jeff Levine- piano; Jeff Henry- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: You Gotta Move; Hey Boss!; Fannie Mae; Tryin' To Get Ahead; Goin' Back To The Country; Tore Down; If You Love Me Like You Say; Born In Missouri; Going Blind; Reconsider Baby; When You Get Old; Crazy Mary.

 Hey Boss!

 Tryin' To Get Ahead

 Goin' Back To the Country

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