Hosea Leavy

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Fedora FCD 5023
Harmonica Slim & Hosea Leavy
Cold Tacos & Warm Beer

When Chris Millar started Fedora it was with the intention of recording music that was "real and true to life", seven years on his ethics remain the same, only the wording has changed ... "I'd say our policy today is still just to record real blues and not mess with it too much. Just keep it pure and down to the bone". "Cold Tacos and Warm Beer" is exactly that, or as Slim would put it, "It's just me, Hosea and a few friends walking those back bottom blues". Slim and Hosea need no introduction to the blues cognoscenti. Their collaboration on this recording is a first, though they have performed together "'round the barrel" in their native Fresno, CA. The "barrel" is a sort of open-air rent party, where blues artists and their friends and family gather for impromptu blues sessions. "Warm Beer and Cold Tacos" brings the exuberance, the excitement and the spontaneity of these parties vividly to life.

Harmonica Slim- harp/vocals; Johnny "Da-Doo" Wilson- vocals; Hosea Leavy- guitar/vocals/bass; Franck Goldwasser- guitar/bass; Sal Navarro- piano; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: Catfish Blues; K.C. Douglas Was a Fine Man; Cold Tacos and Warm Beer; Cummins Prison Farm; She Wants to Boogie; Back Door Man; The 'Frisco Railroad; Hey Boss; Hosea's Boogie; All Alone Now; God Didn't Make Honky Tonk Angels; Don't Want No Woman.

 K.C. Douglas Was a Fine Man

 Intro... Cummins Prison Farm

 Back Door Man

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