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Savant CD 2040
Irene Reid
Thanks To You

"You name it, I've done it!...There aren't too many of us vocalists, doing what I do, left today." A remark like that could be considered empty bragging. But when it is made by the Queen of Uptown Jazz, Irene Reid, one can only think of Jelly Roll Morton's famous remark, "It ain't braggin' if you really done it." And Irene Reid has done it all. A mainstay in New York ever since her move to the jazz capital in the late '40s, Irene has played just about everywhere, from clubs that have come and gone to some that still remain - from since defunct clubs like Small's Paradise, to the Lenox Lounge off 125th Street in Harlem, still a central jazz location to the New York jazz scene. Irene Reid skips over one musical genre to the next. Her blues-based selection of material and singing style is at its bare roots as much blues, as it is jazz, gospel, soul, and R&;B. Relaxed and tender one moment, she can be funky and dirty the next. With another release under her name comes further recognition and appreciation for one of the true stylists this music has known.

w/ Rodney Jones, Dave Hubbard, Jimmy Sigler, Melvin Sparks, Jesse "Cheese" Hameen, Jimmy Ponder & others.

Tracks: Our Day Will Come; Thanks to You; Be a Sweet Pumpkin; Young and Foolish; Living in Harmony; I Didn't Know What Time It Was; Need to Be; Wish I'd Never Loved at All; Soul Serenade; This Bitter Earth.

Our Day Will Come

Be A Sweet Pumpkin

Young and Fresh

This Bitter Earth

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