Jimmy Dawkins

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Fedora FCD 5022
Jimmy Dawkins
West Side Guitar Hero

JIMMY DAWKINS is the last man standing on the Blues scene of Chicago's West Side. The blues Jimmy plays is gloomy, intense and dramatic. One of America's great guitarists, his playing has a phrasing that is unique to him. There are no Jimmy Dawkins imitators because there can be no imitation of a man who cannot be at peace with himself or the world around him. This is Jimmy's first release in quite some time and he is backed by the cream of the Oakland, California blues scene.

Jimmy Dawkins- guitar/vocals; Franck Goldwasser- guitar; John Suhr- organ; Henry Oden- bass; Chris Millar- drums.

Tracks: Alley Mae; Jammin' Gitar; Go On Baby; I'm What U Need; Sweet Li'l Mama; Everybody's Jumping; Dollar Head Woman; Wess Cide Rock; Shee Leff Me; So Wurrid; U Made Me Luv U.

 Alley Mae

 Jammin' Gitar

 Dollar Head Woman

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