John Hicks Legacy Band

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Savant CD 2096
John Hicks Legacy Band
Mind Wine

So memorable was his presence, so lasting was his contribution to Jazz that it is hard to believe that John Hicks left us two years ago. As a living tribute, as vibrant in performance as John was in life, ELISE WOOD-HICKS has put together this band to celebrate John Hicks and his music. John's composing talents were formidable and it is only natural that a group of his friends an colleagues should get together to perform his works. LARRY WILLIS sits on the bench once occupied by Hicks with an all-star line-up of saxophonist CRAIG HANDY, trumpeter EDDIE HENDERSON with CURTIS LUNDY and STEVE WILLIAMS filling out the rhythm section. Under the tutelage of Elise Wood-Hicks, who also floats and weaves throughout the ensemble on flute, the band performs seven imaginative works by John Hicks and one number by Duke Ellington, set here as a moving duet between Elise's flute and Larry Willis' piano voicings. This is a working, touring band that will no doubt generate interest in the recording and assures a quality ensemble is in front of the microphones.

Elise Wood-Hicks- flute; Craig Handy- sax; Larry Willis- piano; Eddie Henderson- trumpet; Curtis Lundy- bass; Steve Williams- drums

Tracks: Mind Wine; After the Morning; Blues in the Pocket; Heart to Heart; Yemenja; Naima's Love Song; Avotcja; Single Petal of a Rose

 Mind Wine

 After the Morning



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