Jim Payne

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Savant SCD 2053
Jim Payne

In the annals of funk drumming much has been written about the succession of "groovemeisters" who played in the classic James Brown's bands of the 60's and 70's. These backbeat pioneers with the intuitive art of "making it funky" opened the door for those who followed. Jim Payne is one such disciple. Payne, the author of "Give the Drummer Some", the definitive history of funk drumming. He was the producer of the first two CDs by Medeski, Martin & Wood. Longstanding performing and producing projects with Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley and other funk/jam band stars and a founding member of the Slickophonics. This CD is Payne's funkiest date as both player and producer. Here he maintains an overall groove and improvising on top/within it. It started with Herbie and the Headhunters. Payne says, "Groove, then see what's happening to the band so people can dance to it and at the same time I can take them to another place..." Payne says, "I am seeing it as the next level of groove music."

Jim Payne- drums, leader; Bill Bickford- guitar; Jerry Z- organ

Tracks: Usta B Chicken Lickin'; Nice to Eat Again; Scram; Sensei; Cool It; Steam Roller; Peaches; Concordance; P. Brain; Onion Peal

 Usta B Chicken Lickin




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