Jeremy Pelt


HighNote HCD 7285
Jeremy Pelt

Great musicians need to play with great musicians. It's not an ego-driven game, it's tug-of-war. The way to get better, expand one's horizons as both technician and visionary, is to have someone capable of challenging one's established ability. Artists travel new paths most often because someone or something pushes us. Perhaps it's for that reason that Jeremy Pelt has long entertained a wish to make a recording with Ron Carter, a solid claimant to the title of Greatest Living Bassist. "I didn't know how it would happen, I didn't know what it was going to be," the trumpeter says, "But I knew I wanted to do a record with Ron." With Jive Culture, that wish becomes reality. Long-time associates Danny Grissett and Billy Drummond are on hand backing Pelt as he roars and soars through some new compositions, a couple of standards and Ron Carter's own "Einbahnstrasse." Not to be missed!

JEREMY PELT, trumpet • Ron Carter, bass • Danny Grissett, piano • Billy Drummond, drums

TRACKS: Baswald's Place • Einbahnstrasse • Dream Dancing • A Love Like Ours • The Haunting • Rhapsody • Akua • Desire

 Baswald's Place

 Dream Dancing



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