Jim Snidero


Savant SCD 2127
Jim Snidero
Stream of Consciousness

Playing the saxophone carries with it the heavy load of tradition and nobody can carry this load with more apparent ease than Jim Snidero. However, there is nothing atavistic about Snidero who has developed a truly unique voice on his instrument — building on the foundation of the past while pointing the way to the future. With compositions that exploit the full potential of the alto saxophone's expressive range, Snidero has gathered side artists who all seem to be joined at the hip, with each providing sensitive support for the other, shadowing or provoking every move. This is challenging, thoughtful jazz which draws you in rather than alienates and which reveals no weaknesses in an unforgiving, nowhere-to-hide lineup.

JIM SNIDERO, alto saxophone • Paul Bollenback, guitar • Linda Oh, bass • Rudy Royston, drums

TRACKS: Stream of Consciousness • Nirvana • Fear One • Vantage • Black Ice • Wisdom's Path • K-Town

 Stream of Consciousness


 Wisdom's Path


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