JD Allen

Savant SCD 2121
JD Allen
The Matador and the Bull

JD Allen, born in 1972 and originally from Detroit, but currently based in New York, is one of the most interesting tenor saxophonists around. His style is extremely restrained, simmering with intensity, very hip and very modern... not in the sense of being different for the sake of difference but with the collective mastery and freedom which comes from knowing the art form so thoroughly that you can take the music anywhere you want to go with complete confidence that you can come back. For his Savant Records' debut, Allen is back in the studio with colleagues Gregg August and Rudy Royston, both of whom have been his regular partners on the bandstand and in the studio since 2008. They go about their business with a minimum of muss and fuss; a robust and focused melodic articulation with great rhythmic drive. Nor will you find the trio beating a dead horse into submission. The tracks are short, they get in, make a statement, essay some variations, and get out — short and sweet and intense.

JD ALLEN, tenor saxophone • With: Greg August, bass • Rudy Royston, drums

TRACKS: The Matador and the Bull (Torero) • A Suit of Lights • Ring Shout! • Santa Maria (Mother) • Cathedral • Paseillo • Erlanger • Pinyin • Vuela (The Whisperer) • The Lyrics of Summer and Shadow • Muleta • The Matador and the Bull (Toro)

 Santa Maria (Mother)




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