JD Allen

Savant SCD 2130
JD Allen

Dexterous solos, melodic tapestries, imaginative textures, complex rhythms. JD Allen's extraordinary GRACE sculpts a musical monument to his creative spirit, a musical testament to the power of the mind to synthesize all of life's experiences into one cogent statement. Each of the eleven compositions resonates with the clarity of an artist who has reached a clear turning point. It is no wonder that Allen's latest work has received a flood of critical attention including a nomination along with Sonny Rollins for Tenor Saxophonist of the Year from the Jazz Journalists Association. Far from new to the jazz world, Allen has been a stalwart of the New York scene for more than a decade, lending his astute playing to a string of headline jazz names, from Betty Carter to Cindy Blackman. Joined here by pianist Eldar Djangirov, bassist Dezron Douglas and drummer Jonathan Barber, Allen's usually piano-less ensemble explores new territory with works that challenge preconceptions and expand the expressive potential of jazz composition.

JD ALLEN, tenor saxophone
Eldar Djangirov, piano • Dezron Douglas, bass • Jonathan Barber, drums

Mass • Load Star • Chagall • Luke Sky Walker • Grace • Detroit • Cross Damon • Pole Star • Papillon 1973 • Selah • The Little Dipper


 Luke Sky Walker


 Cross Damon

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