Kenny Burrell


HighNote CD 7227
Kenny Burrell
Solo Guitar Concert from
The Theatre @ Boston Court, Pasadena, CA



"I had been considering doing a solo recording and this seemed like the right time and place to do it." - Kenny Burrell

Beginning with his recording debut with Dizzy Gillespie on "Tin Tin Deo" and "Birk's Works" guitar master Kenny Burrell has recorded well over 100 records as a leader and countless more as a sideman with the likes of Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane, Frank Foster, Kenny Clarke and others. Recorded live in concert, "Tenderly" features Kenny alone on stage in a solo guitar recital with an array of instruments from which he selects to suit his concept of the music at hand. Whether he is swinging on a blues, caressing a ballad out of his six strings or stringing together garlands of songs into leisurely medleys, Kenny Burrell remains one of the most popular and respected guitarists in the history of jazz.

Kenny Burrell, solo guitar

Tracks: Tenderly • Remembering Wes • Autumn Leaves • Billie Holiday tribute Medley • A Child Is Born • What a Wonderful World • Soulful Brothers • Ellingtonia Montage • Come On Blues • Recado Bossa Nova • Couplet Romantic • Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most • Be Yorself • Come Rain or Come Shine • Prelude No. 3: Butterflying (excerpt)


 A Child is Born

 What a Wonderful World

 Soulful Brothers

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