Monika Herzig


Savant SCD 2182
Monika Herzig
Eternal Dance

Sisterhoods have been steadily moving toward the forefront of the jazz scene. Elevated by purpose and promise, and upholding the virtues of equality and community, these sororities have become a substantial force in the music today. Monika Herzig, a thoughtful composer and inventive pianist, has become a key figure in the movement toward enlightenment. To take the message into the studio and out on the road, Herzig has assembled an all-star band of greats — “Sheroes” as she likes to call them — who selflessly work together in presenting a judicious blend of covers and originals. Leni Stern's guitar helps to frame each song in the proper light; cellist Akua Dixon adds varicolored hues in her appearances; bassist Jennifer Vincent and drummer Rosa Avila (along with guest percussionist Mayra Casales) form a flexible unit capable of buttressing with strength and sensitivity; Lakecia Benjamin's alto shines in its flights; while the flute-trombone partnership of Jamie Baum and Reut Regev proves to be a match made in heaven. With Herzig's pen and piano serving as the ties that bind, this declaration of unity truly delivers. All hail the conquering Sheroes.

MONIKA HERZIG, piano • Jamie Baum, flute • Reut Regev, trombone • Jennifer Vincent, bass • Rosa Avila, drums • Lakecia Benjamin, alto sax • Leni Stern, guitar • Akua Dixon, cello • Mayra Casales, percussion

TRACKS: We Are the Champions • Eternal Dance • Dear Geri • Rabbit • Fly High • We Can Be (S)Heroes • Fall in Reading • Seas of Change • Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child • Up in the Sky • Memories of Petra

 Fly High

 Dear Geri

 Eternal Dance

 Seas of Change

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