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Savant CD 2091
Mike LeDonne

"Mike LeDonne's own statements could be called spontaneous compositions... he spins out solos that unfold with a logic that veils the formidable technique at their core." - Ted Panken, DownBeat Magazine

Mike LeDonne's new album for Savant is bound to become one of those classic live jazz recordings in which the players are caught in the moment at the peak of their creative powers and, what's more, seem to be having a fine old time. These are musicians who have a history together. Tenor sax master Eric Alexander and drummer Joe Farnsworth have worked in Mike's organ band at Smoke for a number of years and that's made immediately evident by the solid and assured grooves here. The other parts of the equation have to do with the great in-the-moment sound by engineer Paul Stache, the presence of trumpet man Jeremy Pelt and the wondrous sound of a Steinway B piano new to Smoke. Everything adds up to a recording that sounds both in the tradition and moving ever forward.

Mike LeDonne- piano; with Eric Alexander- tenor saxophone; Jeremy Pelt- trumpet; John Webber- bass; Joe Farnsworth- drums

Tracks: Encounter; You and I; Hands; Good Times; Manteca; I Got It Bad; Little M; Bleeker Street Theme




 Little M

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