Mike LeDonne


Savant CD 2135
Mike LeDonne
I Love Music

The organ trio has been a staple of small-group jazz for more than half a century, but Mike LeDonne has expanded its range and power by adding another voice, that of the superlative tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, who earned his spurs with organist Charles Earland's group nearly two decades ago and, since then, has risen steadily to the top rank among contemporary tenors. LeDonne and Alexander are bolstered by a brace of seasoned pros, guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Joe Farnsworth. On the other hand, perhaps "bolstered" isn't the proper word, as this is above all a quartet of equals, and Bernstein and Farnsworth's voices are no less decisive than LeDonne's or Alexander's.  With LeDonne scorching the Hammond B3, Alexander adding heat to the proceedings at every turn and Bernstein and Farnsworth stoking the boiler room, this is an album that grooves emphatically from the outset — the sort of session that surely would have caused Earland to grin from ear to ear.

MIKE LeDONNE, Hammond B3 organ • Eric Alexander, tenor saxophone • Peter Bernstein, guitar • Joe Farnsworth, drums

TRACKS: Blues for Gene • I Love Every Little Thing About You • I Love Music • Put on a Happy Face • Blues for Ball • The World is a Ghetto • Do I Do

 Blues for Gene

 I Love Music

 The World is a Ghetto

 Do I Do

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