Mike LeDonne


Savant CD 2183
Mike LeDonne
The Groover Quartet + Big Band

It's All Your Fault

Mike LeDonne belongs to an elite group of musicians — those who have mastered the piano AND the organ while creating original voices for each. However, here on It's All Your Fault, LeDonne sits down at the organ, puts his foot on the pedals and lays down some of the hippest organ licks you're likely to hear. Two groups are featured on this recording. Mike LeDonne's Groover Quartet has had the rare opportunity to play and record together for twenty years and counting. They had no difficulty integrating their sound into this all-star big band put together by Mike and his preferred arranger and conductor, Dennis Mackrel. Recorded in the famed Van Gelder Studio and actually using the original Hammond C-3 organ that Jimmy Smith et al. used for their recordings, the music within this recording is adventurous. It's a continuation of the groove that was established years ago by organists interacting with big bands and it reveals to us the Blues, the Rhythm & Blues and the Jazz that Mike heard coming up through the jazz ranks.

With: Jim Snidero, Eric Alexander, Peter Bernstein, Jon Faddis, Steve Davis, John Webber, Joe Farnsworth and others.
Big band arrangements and conducting by Dennis Mackrel

TRACKS: It's All Your Fault • Matador • Rock With You • Still • Party Time • Bags and Brown • Biggest Part of Me • Blues for Jed

 It’s All Your Fault

 Rock with You

 Party Time

 Bags and Brown

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