The Peter Hand Big Band


Savant SCD 2141
Peter Hand Big Band
Out of Hand

The sound of a truly fine big band makes a lasting aural impression, combining sheer grandness with the finest, intimate improvisations. This is the point at which we welcome back to the stage the Peter Hand Big Band. A native of New York City, Hand has had an active and diverse career in this music. He has been a guitarist in a wide variety of groups, has composed an impressive number of tunes, and has also studied big band arranging and composing with the legendary Herb Pomeroy. The Peter Hand Big Band, includes a stellar array of New York jazz players including Houston Person, Don Braden, Ralph Lalama, Eddie Allen, Valery Ponomarev, Bruce Williams, James Weidman and Harvie S to name a few. Out Of Hand, the newest recording of the Peter Hand Big Band is a studio recording and includes a mix of standards and Hand originals. The deftness of the writing and arranging and the expressive powers of the players as both soloists and ensemble members make this recording a true aural treat.

PETER HAND, leader, guitar, arranger.
With Houston Person, tenor saxophone • Featuring: Don Braden, Ralph Lalama, Eddie Allen, Valery Ponomarev, John Bailey, James Weidman, Harvie S and others

TRACKS: Sunny • Blues in the Night • Listen to Your Heart • Out of Print Blues • Barbara Rose • The Elevator • Night Echo • Day Dream • Summertime


 Out of Print Blues

 The Elevator

 Night Echo

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