Pat Martino


HighNote HCD 7242
Pat Martino
Alone Together

Recordings from Pat Martino's personal collection

Pat Martino is a legend for more than his speed-demon virtuosity at high-velocity tempos or his angelic harmonies on ballads. He has also faced death several times and tells the tale of his survival and recovery with a perspective akin to a zen master. These recordings from Martino's personal collection document the easy interplay and instant chemistry that he had forged with rhythm guitarist Bobby Rose on their first duet tour together during the summer of 1977. Some of the tracks come from home recordings done at Martino's home in Philadelphia while others were recorded in live settings, either in Ann Arbor or Toronto. They document a brief but fertile period of creativity for Pat in a format which he was never to revisit on such a regular basis. Bobby Rose is the perfect accompanist for Pat telepathically locked into his playing, anticipating every harmonic twist and turn of the road down which Pat was to take him. Both men were at the very peak of their powers during these years and to have these superb performances preserved for posterity is a true gift for guitarists and jazz fans in general.

PAT MARTINO, guitar • Bobby Rose, guitar

TRACKS: Four On Six • Alone Together • What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life • Sunny • Left…or Right • The Visit • One For My Baby • Israfel

 Four on Six

 What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life


 The Visit

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