Rodney Jones

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Savant SCD 2068
Rodney Jones
Dreams and Stories

In 1983 four young men got together to record a CD's worth of music they had fermenting inside their imaginations. Young and filled with energy they played like there was no tomorrow. In fact there were to be many tomorrows for these young men and each of them went on to make their mark in the jazz world. Each joined the ranks of the masters of their generation. The present CD, "Dreams and Stories" documents the collaboration of four soon-to-be greats in the early flowering of their careers. The young men? They were guitarist Rodney Jones, pianist Kenny Kirkland, bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Jeff Watts. This is the music they made at those prophetic sessions back in 1983 -- music full of hopes, dreams and creativity.

Rodney Jones- guitar; Kenny Kirkland- piano; Marc Johnson- bass; Jeff "Tain" Watts- drums

Tracks: Star Eyes; Leana's Song; Happy Blue; The Song Is You; Blue Days Blue Dreams; Five For the Duck; While We Dream; Summertime; Serena; No Time for the Blues; Blues When You Need Them; Road Song.

 Star Eyes

 Happy Blue

 Five For the Duck

 No Time For the Blues

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