Ray Mantilla

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Savant CD 2059
Ray Mantilla

"This is music for the head and the feet," says the world-renowned Latin percussionist and leader of the the group The New Space Station, Ray Mantilla. His description is simultaneously simple and quite profound. These are straight ahead, clavé-driven dance grooves with Mantilla at the helm of a rhythm section that is able to perform the most intricate of Latin rhythms. Enrigue Fernández and his muscular baritone embellishes the proceedings along with the blues laced piano of long-time Space Station collaborator Edy Martínez. Like all of the players on this session Martínez swings elegantly in a variety of settings as does tenor-man Willie Williams. But at its heart, this is Latin-inspired Jazz at its best with all its infectious rhythms and boisterous good-time feel.

With: Willie Williams- tenor sax; Enrigue Fernández- baritone sax & flute; Guido González- trumpet; Edy Martínez- piano; Cucho Martínez- bass; Bill Elder- drums.

Tracks: Apple Turnover; Mother's Day; TBA; Hop Scotch; The Man I Love; African Holiday; Eight Ball; Go Between; Mantillon; Mantilla's Jam Too.

Apple Turnover


African Holiday

Mantilla's Jam Too

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