Sammy Figueroa


Savant SCD 2144
Sammy Figueroa & Glaucia Nasser

Famed jazz percussionist and Savant double-Grammy nominee Sammy Figueroa and Brazilian singer-songwriter Glaucia Nasser got together in Sao Paolo and created an album that presents a perfect balance of great musicianship and soaring vocals. Featuring guitarist Chico Pinheiro, pianist/composer Bianca Gismonti and pandeiro virtuoso Bernardo Aguiar this album is full of surprises. Sammy's percussion flows beneath the songs, with bursts of Uruguayan candombe, Cuban bata, Puerto Rican bomba and of course carnival samba, enhanced by the multiple guitars of Chico Pinheiro and Michi Ruzitschka. Representing the rich Minas Gerais tradition of Clara Nunes and Milton Nascimento, Glaucia's pure sound is aspirational and heartfelt, transcending language. And yet, African roots are always present, as in the classic "Ilu-Aye" and the one English language song, dedicated to Nelson Mandela. 'Like peanut butter and chocolate,' this combination of Latin jazz percussion and Brazilian song result in a delicious and unexpected treat.

SAMMY FIGUEROA, percussion & arranger

WITH: Chico Pinheiro & Michi Ruzitschka, guitars • Bianca Gismonti, piano • Fernando Rosa, bass • Bernardo Aguiar, pandeiro • Chrystian Galante, aux. perc.

TRACKS: Quando Eu Canto • Encontro • E Quando Quero • Talisman • Ilu-aye • Mandela • Abrigo • Um Olhar de Fora • Boca de Siri • Passos

 Quando Eu Canto



 Um Olhar de Fora

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