Silvano Monasterios


Savant SCD 2153
Silvano Monasterios
Partly Sunny

It might strike as a paradox, but sometimes the brilliance of certain inventions can be measured by how obvious, how commonplace they seem. The music of Venezuelan pianist Silvano Monasterios is so easy-on-the-ear, so elegantly structured, and has such a casual, lived-in feel that it takes a bit to catch on to how sophisticated his work truly is. It's only after awhile that one notices the harmonic turns, the storytelling soloing, or his rhythmic vocabulary, especially his discreet use of traditional Venezuelan styles. Partly Sunny is Monasterios' second album for Savant, and his choices suggest that he feels no need to accommodate any conventional expectations about how Latin jazz should sound. Whatever someone might argue to be some essence of "Latin," is here integrated into the overall sound. With his working trio augmented with the great clarinetist Anat Cohen, saxman Troy Roberts and the colorful percussion of Robert Quintero, Monasterios has given us an album that is exuberant & visceral as well as personal & considered.

SILVANO MONASTERIOS, piano • Anat Cohen, clarinet • Troy Roberts, saxophones • Jonathan Dadurka, bass • Rodolfo Zúñiga, drums • Roberto Quintero, percussion

TRACKS: A Tropical Mirage • Awash with Secrets • Blue in Red • Faith in You • Never Let Me Go • Eternal Blue Sky • Conqueror of Dreams • He Didn't Know • Partly Sunny • Awash with Secrets (reprise)

 A Tropical Mirage

 Awash with Secrets

 Eternal Blue Sky

 Partly Sunny

 Awash With Secrets (Reprise)

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