Steve Turre


HighNote HCD 7251
Steve Turre
The Bones of Art

Steve Turre recalls, "when I was ten years old, I wanted to play violin. My dad said, 'Beginning violin sounds like a cat in the alley. Pick a horn.'" It is probably safe to say that the jazz world has been immeasurably enriched because of the senior Mr. Turre's dislike of the violin. His son, Steve, has won any number of Downbeat Critic's and Reader's Polls and has been a fixture in the SNL TV band for nearly thirty years. He has, almost single-handedly squashed the trumpet-saxophone front line monopoly and has circumnavigated the globe several times with his most recent forays overseas taking him to Russia and South Africa. Here Steve has assembled a completely unique ensemble including three other trombone-playing Art Blakey alumni. (Get it? The Bones of "Art"?) With Steve Davis, Frank Lacy and Robin Eubanks, Steve and company give ample testimony to the fact that the golden age of the trombone is now and put on display the many moods and capabilities of perhaps the noblest instrument in jazz.

STEVE TURRE, trombone • shells • Steve Davis, Robin Eubanks, Frank Lacy, trombones • Xavier Davis, piano • Peter Washington, bass • Willie Jones III, drums

TRACKS: Slide's Ride • Blue & Brown • Settegast Strut • Bird Bones • Sunset • 4 & 9 • Fuller Beauty • Shorter Bu • Julian's Blues • Daylight

 Slide's Ride

4 & 9

Shorter Bu


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