Tom Harrell


HighNote HCD 7276
Tom Harrell
First Impressions:
The Debussy and Ravel Project


"Both Debussy and Ravel transformed the world of music by creating a new sensibility of beauty of sound," says trumpeter/composer, Tom Harrell, who himself is known for his superb lyricism and poetry in his playing and writing. With his nine-piece chamber ensemble, Harrell interprets the works of these two French composers and blurs the boundaries between jazz and classical music. The personnel includes the members of his working band of over 10 years — Wayne Escoffery, Danny Grissett, Ugonna Okegwo, and Johnathan Blake; a notable jazz woodwind player, Charles Pillow on flutes; and three string players who are equally adept at classical and jazz repertoires — Meg Okura (violin), Rubin Kodheli (cello), and Rale Micic (guitar).

TOM HARRELL, trumpet & flugelhorn • Wayne Escoffery, soprano & tenor saxophone • Charles Pillow, flute & bass flute • Danny Grissett, piano • Rale Micic, guitar • Meg Okura, violin • Rubin Kodheli, cello • Ugonna Okegwo, bass • Johnathan Blake, drums

Sainte • Voices • Perspectives • Beau Soir • Reverie • Passapied • Sarabande • Musique du Café

TT = 63:31

 Voices by Maurice Ravel

 Beau Soir by Claude Debussy

 Passapied by Claude Debussy

 Musique du Café by Tom Harrell

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