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HighNote CD 7202
Wallace Roney
If Only For One Night

The inventive and adventurous open-minded approach of Wallace Roney's first three HighNote releases (Prototype HCD 7116, Mystikal HCD 7145, and Jazz HCD 7174) is firmly maintained on IF ONLY FOR ONE NIGHT. Here Roney has succeeded in taking all of his influences and forging them into a coherent whole which is somehow more than the sum of its parts. There are glimmers of bebop, postbop, Trane, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report-ish funk & fusion, hip-hop and, of course, Miles Davis, but yet the music always sounds freshly-wrought and never derivative. Recorded live at New York's famed jazz club Iridium, Wallace is backed every step of the way by the core band which has been with him since Prototype. With brother Antoine on reeds, bassist Rashaan Carter, and the new faces of keyboard star Aruán Ortiz and drummer Kush Abadey, the band delves into a sonic landscape laden with modern funk grooves and chop-heavy soloing. IF ONLY FOR ONE NIGHT is full of provocation. Roney and company aren't necessarily presenting an ideal of where jazz is today, but rather a lush representation of the genre's possibilities. This music is challenging, vivacious and, above all, soulful.

Wallace Roney - trumpet; with Antoine Roney - soprano & tenor saxes, bass clarinet; Aruán Ortiz - keyboards; Rashaan Carter - bass; Kush Abadey - drums

Tracks: Quadrant; If Only For One Night; Only With You; I Have a Dream; Metropolis; Let's Wait Awhile; I Love What We Make Together; FMS

 If Only For One Night

 Only With You

 Let's Wait Awhile

 I Love What We Make Together

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