Wallace Roney


HighNote CD 7218
Wallace Roney

The inventive and adventurous open-minded approach of Wallace Roney's previous HighNote releases is firmly maintained on Home. Roney is taking the eclecticism of all his influences and gradually merging them into a coherent whole, be it bebop, postbop, Trane, Herbie Hancock and Weather Report funk and fusion, hip-hop and, of course, Miles Davis, his guiding light. But despite the influence of Miles, Wallace Roney is mainstream only in the sense that he builds on what went before. And most importantly he does that with the essence of what jazz should be: A vehicle for self-expression, an instant form of communication, a conduit of the musical, mental and emotional self. Featuring his working band, Home is yet another example of Roney's tireless exploration of the communicative possibilities of jazz and cements his place in the pantheon of all-time trumpet greats.

Antoine Roney, soprano & tenor saxophones • Aruan Ortiz, keyboards • Darryl Green, Fender Rhodes • Doug Carn, piano • Rashaan Carter, bass • Kush Abadney & Bobby Ward, drums • Shakoor Sanders, percussion

Utopia • Home • Pacific Express • Plaza Real • Dawn • Evolution of the Blues • Ghost of Yesterday • Revive



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