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Woody Shaw
Woody Plays Woody

Woody Shaw is widely revered across the globe as the last major innovator to significantly revolutionize modern jazz trumpet playing. Shaw's innovations vastly extended the harmonic and technical vocabulary of the instrument and his achievements, both as a stylist and as a master craftsman, remain largely unparalleled in the world of music. Woody Shaw is also remembered as one of the great, modern jazz composers to have developed a distinct musical sound and identity through his original compositions. His work is currently studied all over the world and his instrumental breakthroughs are venerated by musicians of all levels, ages, styles, and nationalities. Shaw's eclectic range of musical and cultural interests served to shape an artistic sensibility that was both distinct and uniquely personal. Throughout his musical career, Shaw traveled to such regions as India, Persia, Egypt, Japan, and all over western and Eastern Europe. His encounters with the varied cultures of the world influenced his approach to music as well his outlook on life. Here is a collection of Woody Shaw performing a suite of his own compositions together with some of his favored sidemen, giving ample proof that when the future jazz history books are written, Woody Shaw will be remembered as a performing-composer of the highest level of excellence.

WOODY SHAW, trumpet & flugelhorn • With: Steve Turre, Mulgrew Miller, Stafford James, Carter Jefferson, Victor Lewis and Larry Willis

TRACKS: Little Red's Fantasy • Rahsaan's Run • Stepping Stone • Organ Grinder • OPEC • Ginseng People

 Rahsaan's Run

 Little Red's Fantasy

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