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Fedora FCD 5011
Hosea Hargrove
I Love My Life

Featured in the video documentary, Texas Blues Reunion, Hosea is one of the last practitioners of down-home blues still working in Central Texas. In this, his first commercial recording, Hosea puts everything right where it belongs. Interviewed for Guitar Player, Jimmie Vaughan acknowleged Hosea's impact as a teacher and mentor. Jimmie well-known brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan, also followed Hosea around for a time. Hosea plays the blues the way it was originally played, very free, following the feeling of the groove and expressing emotions according to the whim of the creative musician. The music was emotionally profound and musically spontaneous. That's the real art form of the blues.

Hosea Hargrove- vocals/guitar; Charlie Prichard- guitar; Sal Navarro- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: If You Love Me Like You Say; I Love My Life; Hoochie Coochie Man; Southern Country Boy; Things I Used To Do; Hawaii; I Stood by; I Wonder Why; Big Gun; I'm A King Bee; Caress Me Baby.

 I Love My Life

 Southern Country Boy


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Fedora FCD 5023
Harmonica Slim & Hosea Leavy
Cold Tacos & Warm Beer

When Chris Millar started Fedora it was with the intention of recording music that was "real and true to life", seven years on his ethics remain the same, only the wording has changed ... "I'd say our policy today is still just to record real blues and not mess with it too much. Just keep it pure and down to the bone". "Cold Tacos and Warm Beer" is exactly that, or as Slim would put it, "It's just me, Hosea and a few friends walking those back bottom blues". Slim and Hosea need no introduction to the blues cognoscenti. Their collaboration on this recording is a first, though they have performed together "'round the barrel" in their native Fresno, CA. The "barrel" is a sort of open-air rent party, where blues artists and their friends and family gather for impromptu blues sessions. "Warm Beer and Cold Tacos" brings the exuberance, the excitement and the spontaneity of these parties vividly to life.

Harmonica Slim- harp/vocals; Johnny "Da-Doo" Wilson- vocals; Hosea Leavy- guitar/vocals/bass; Franck Goldwasser- guitar/bass; Sal Navarro- piano; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: Catfish Blues; K.C. Douglas Was a Fine Man; Cold Tacos and Warm Beer; Cummins Prison Farm; She Wants to Boogie; Back Door Man; The 'Frisco Railroad; Hey Boss; Hosea's Boogie; All Alone Now; God Didn't Make Honky Tonk Angels; Don't Want No Woman.

 K.C. Douglas Was a Fine Man

 Intro... Cummins Prison Farm

 Back Door Man

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Fedora FCD 5001
Harmonica Slim
Give Me My Shotgun!

At 75, Riley Riggins, AKA Harmonica Slim, plays in the style he has for decades. His songs are not normal blues-verse compositions but are rather astute and highly emotional observations of the blues lifestyle. Backed by his regular band, this album finds Slim singing of his life and his perceptions - a message well worth hearing.

Harmonica Slim- harmonica/vocals; Johnny "Da-Doo" Wilson- vocals; Jackie Turner- guitar; Jeff Henry- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: Hole In Her Belly; Woman 'Round My Door; Gun Totin' Blues; Big Leg Woman; Bright Lights, Big City; Coal Black Mare; I Don't Want No Woman; Phone Headed Woman; Highway 49; Shake For Me; Drivin' Wheel; San-Ho-Zay.

 Hole In Her Belly

 Highway 49

 Drivin' Wheel

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Fedora FCD 5006
Homesick James
Last of the Broomdusters

87 years-young and still pickin' his 1949 Kay guitar and singin' - Homesick James is a living legend of the blues, providing a glimpse back to the seemingly impossibly distant past of early blues history. Cutting his musical teeth in his cousin Elmore James' group, The Broomdusters, Homesick continues to display the wit and wisdom accumulated in his long life on this release. Some of his original songs contain the melancholy musings of a lonely heart, others have an air of unrepentant defiance about them. On his own tunes, and on the tunes Homesick covers by the likes of Memphis Minnie, Tony Hollins and others, the years peel away and the spark of intrigue lights the fire in the soul of the "Last of the Broomdusters."

Homesick James- guitar/vocals; Ron Thompson- guitar; Jeff Henry- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: Early One Morning; Long Tall Woman; Kissin' In The Dark; Rockin' And Rollin'; Sugar Mama; Shake Your Money Maker; Thought I Heard My Baby Call My Name; Truck Drivin' Woman; Married Woman; Crutch And Cane; Medley; Woman I'm Lovin' Two Days Before Christmas.

 Sugar Mama

 Shake Your Money Maker

 Woman I'm Lovin'/Two Days Before Christmas

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Fedora FCD 5002
Hosea Leavy
You Gotta Move

If you happen to have a copy of Hosea Leavy's out-of-print 1993 cassette-only release "Greasy Greens," you are a lucky individual indeed. For not only is it a rare and valuable collector's item, but it alerted you to the reappearance of one of the most powerful and elemental of all blues performers. Now, Hosea is back and he brought with him the crew from that laudable release and dishes up some real downhome, gutbucket blues. This is the music of the juke joints and gin mills of Hosea's youth in and around Little Rock, Arkansas. With this new release, Hosea may be termed a Keeper of the Blues Grail, for he preserves and lives a tradition that would otherwise be available only through the medium of re-issue compilations.

Hosea Leavy- guitar/vocals; Jeff Levine- piano; Jeff Henry- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: You Gotta Move; Hey Boss!; Fannie Mae; Tryin' To Get Ahead; Goin' Back To The Country; Tore Down; If You Love Me Like You Say; Born In Missouri; Going Blind; Reconsider Baby; When You Get Old; Crazy Mary.

 Hey Boss!

 Tryin' To Get Ahead

 Goin' Back To the Country

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Fedora FCD 5012
J.J. Malone
See Me Early in the Morning

J.J Malone is a blues original whose deeply-felt music is a wholly unaffected mixture of traditionalism and modernity. Like his acclaimed previous CD, "Highway 99" (FCD 5003). This time, however, J.J. complements much of the material with his own over-dubbed piano parts which, like his guitar playing, reflect both down-home Blues and modern Jazz roots. A strong release from an important West Coast artist.

J.J. Malone- guitar/keyboards/vocals; Clarence Walker- guitar; Jeff Henry- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: It's A Shame; See Me Early In The Morning; Good Lookin' Woman; Mother Earth; Sweet Thing; Nothing To Suggest; Here I Go Again; Peace Breakin' People; Smoked Oysters; Walkin' Thru The Park; Leave Here Walkin'.

 Good Lookin' Woman

 Sweet Thing

 Peace Breakin' People

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Fedora FCD 5003
J.J. Malone
Highway 99

J.J. Malone, born in Alabama in 1935 and raised near Nashville, tutored by his father in the basics, J.J. has lived the blues. J.J. has experienced the blues first-hand in a myriad number of forms and has taken them and forged them into a unique and recognizable style. J.J. Malone is the real thing!

J.J. Malone- guitar/vocals; Bobby Logan- tenor saxophone; Clarence Walker- guitar; Jeff Levine- piano/organ; Jeff Henry- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: Black Nights; Daddy Rolling Stone; Highway 99; Biscuit Bakin' Woman; Sail On; Killing Floor; Old Fashioned Blues; They Call It the Crawl; Long Way from San Antone; Mary Anne; Automobile Blues; Sittin' Here Thinkin'.

 Daddy Rolling Stone

 Biscuit Bakin' Woman

 Sittin' Here Thinkin'

Fedora FCD 8002
Pig In A Can
You Can't Poison a Pig

This is the sound track to the future of the nu-blues. It will take you on a fantastic booty-shaking voyage you will never forget. Delve into the unusual world of blues legend Harmonica Slim realized through the Phat Beats and Avant-Pop stylings of John A. Wilson and friends. Call it nu-blooze, techno-blues, avant-pop or whatever you want - there is one thing we know for sure - you just can't poison a pig.

Harmonica Slim- harmonica & vocals; John Wilson- basses, guitars, keyboards, turntables, sine waves, fife, electric spring piano, other home-made boxes & electronic devices; Chris Millar- drums; Dadu- backing vocals; Butch- drums, percussion, squeaky toys, duck & bird calls; Daniel J. Nelson- B3 organ; Michael Kott- prepared electric cello; Kelly J. Jones- backing vocals; Gary Tharp- additional vocals; Jonathan C. Sagar- additional sound design with kyma.

Tracks: Can't Poison a Pig; Tried To Get Along; Don't Leave Me Baby; Ghost Of John Henry; It's Coming; Hole In Her Belly; K.C. Douglas Blues; The Hog Butcher; Fresh Feelin's; Record Players; $1000 Toasts; Slim's Roadside Luau; Slim's B3 Blues; Big Legged Woman; Butch Eats Pig In A Can For the First Time (Fife and Drum Mix).

Can't Poison a Pig

Tried To Get Along

Don't Leave Me Baby

Ghost Of John Henry

It's Coming

Hole In Her Belly

K.C. Douglas Blues

The Hog Butcher

Fresh Feelin's

Record Players

$1000 Toasts

Slim's Roadside Luau

Slim's B3 Blues

Big Legged Woman

Butch Eats Pig In A Can For the First Time

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Fedora FCD 8001
Pig In A Can
A New Perspective on the Blues

PIG IN A CAN, the collective name for the musicians on this recording, moves the blues into another universe. Its futuristic-primitivism is in the groove of Moby, R.L. Burnside and Fatboy Slim, only hipper, more outrages. It has a broad appeal that goes way beyond merely the blues audience. This album morphs cross-cultural musics, electronica, jazz, spoken word and the blues into something completely original. The project is the brainchild of producers Chris Millar and John Wilson, a former member of Meat Beat Manifesto. Open up PIG IN A CAN, and travel both backwards and forwards to a new musical place.

PIG IN A CAN- Chris Millar- drums/percussion; John Wilson- bass/guitar/orchestration/ arranging/mixing/programming; Riley Riggins; Harmonica Slim- vocals/harmonica; Ollie Watkins- harmonica/vocals; Frank Goldwasser- guitar/slide guitar; Hosea Leavy- vocals; Johnny "Da-Doo" Wilson- vocals; Sara Thompson- oboe; "Ba-Wa"- vocals; Little James Taylor- guitar/vocals; Quartette Indigo- strings

Tracks: Talkin' Tupelo Blues; Slow Down Train; Out To California; Long Long Time; Bring Me My Shotgun; Highway 49/Wooden Spoon; Opium Harvest; Slow Walkin' Man; Coal Black Mare; Lester Parker's Farm; The Pledge.

 Talkin' Tupelo Blues

 Slow Down Train

 Out To California

 Long Long Time

 Bring Me My Shotgun

 Highway 49/Wooden Spoon

 Opium Harvest

 Slow Walkin' Man

 Coal Black Mare

 Lester Parker's Farm

 The Pledge

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Fedora FCD 5027
Dave Riley
Whiskey, Money & Women

Most bluesmen have an interesting life and bring a number of influences to their music. Dave Riley is rather unique, even among his colorful peers. Playing in a Mississippi gospel band in his youth, The Bethlehem Travelers, Riley's day job after moving to Chicago was that of a prison guard at Joliet State Penitentiary. He was drafted in the army, stationed in Washington State and attended a show of Seattle-native Jimi Hendrix, who proved to be a major influence on Riley. "The dude kicked ass from the time he got up there…played mostly blues…'Hoochie Coochie Man'…". While in the army he led a band that opened for the likes of Bob Hope and James Brown in USO shows across Asia. How many bluesmen's music carries influences of the Dixie Hummingbirds, Jimmy Reed and Jimi Hendrix? Featuring blues legend the great Sam Carr on drums, Riley's first record under his own name is one hot session! The Hendrix influence can be strongly felt on Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning" and the original tunes recorded here. A major discovery, Dave Riley's music is not to be missed.

Dave Riley- vocals/guiatr; John Weston- hamronica; Dave Riley Jr.- bass; Sam Carr- drums.

Tracks: Call My Job; There She Comes; Whiskey, Money & Women; Tribute; Down South; Smokestack Lightning; Angel Of Mercy; I Want To Thank You Baby; My Baby's Gone; Casino Blues; Imagine.

 Call My Job

 Whiskey, Money & Women


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Fedora FCD 5026
Iceman Robinson
I've Never been Loved

Out of Chicago, with a nod to Delta legends like Elmore James and Muddy Waters, comes the exuberant blues of Riler "Iceman" Robinson. Iceman's rough-and-ready barroom boogie style and ferocious slide techniques has a few active practitioners on the blues scene today. Think of the brash intensity of a Hound Dog Taylor or J.B. Hutto, temper it with some of R.L. Burnside's hypnotic Mississippi rhythms and you have some idea (though by no means a complete picture) of what the Iceman's music is like. Chester Burnett's "Baby How Long" and Hound Dog's "Sadie" are just two of the songs here to get heated up by the Iceman. The postman may always ring twice, but the Iceman keeps comin' on strong.

Riler "Iceman" Robinson- vocal, guitar; Franck Goldwasser- guitar; Willie Kent- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: My Baby's Comin' Home; Sadie; Too Old Cat; Chicago Lakefront; Iceman's Boogie; I have a Need.

  My Baby's Comin Home

 I Have A Need

 I've Never Been Loved.

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Fedora FCD 5008
Matthew Robinson
Bad Habits

In 1996, Matthew Robinson & The Texas Blues Band were created. After only two years of working the circuit, they have logged in achievements the type of which only veterans can match. Achievements such as making waves throughtout the world by playing in front of 20,000 people in Sao Paulo, Brazil and, more locally, winning Best Blues Group and Matthew Best R&B/Blues Singer by the Austin Jazz & Arts Fest, to name but two. There are not many "entertainers" left in the industry today. Matthew certainly qualifies as that rare combination of musician/entertainer. He describes his music as the result of the natural evolution of gospel, R&B, blues and the Texas sound he grew up around.

Matthew Robinson- vocals/guitar; Larry D.C. Williams- saxophone; Donald "Duck: Jennings- trumpet; Mickey "Tickey" Bennett- keyboards; Eddie James Stout- bass; William Norman Fagen- drums

Tracks: Got To Leave This Woman; Mr. Pawnbroker; You Just Can't Take My Blues; Sunday Morning Love; Just Your Fool; I'm Gonna Stop You From Giving Me The Blues; Sugar Sweet; Don't Lose Your Cool; My Tomorrow; Give Me My Blues; West Side Baby; Bad Habits.

 Mr. Pawnbroker

 You Just Can't Take Away My Blues

 Sunday Morning Love

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Fedora FCD 5018
Bennie Smith
Shook Up.

For nearly half a century, Bennie Smith has been the go-to man on guitar for the finest talent in St Louis, from Ike Turner's "Boxtop" and Jimmy "Soul" Clark's "Shook Up Over You" in the 1950's, to recent recordings by Big Bad Smitty (Mean Disposition, Cold Blood). With this new Fedora release, Bennie Smith is at last properly documented in 11 songs that span his hybrid styles of guitar and his deep down-home vocals. Shook Up contains 6 originals, including 3 instrumentals that never sacrifice musicality for house-rocking delight. The covers hearken back to Smith's tenure with Tommy Brown and the Kings of Rhythm (who took the gigs Ike Turner couldn't handle). Singing blues classics like "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" and "mystery Train" with authority, Smith plays guitar with a style all his own. A combination of urban soul and countrified grit which has helped define the sound of St. Louis blues.

Bennie Smith- vocals; Eric Mcfadden- harmonica; Harry Simon- saxophone; Rory Johnson- piano; Tom Maloney- guitar; Sharon Foehner- bass; Chuck Walters- drums.

Tracks: Wish Me Well; Buddah-Ba; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl; Listen To My Heart Sing; Mystery Train; Fancy; Drown In My Own Tears; Shook Up; I'm Tore Up; Okie Dokie Stomp; I'm wondering.

 Wish Me Well



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